Motorcycle Accidents

Throughout the various types of accidents, motorcycle accidents tend to be the worst. Motorcycles, whether used for recreational or personal transportation, come with an increased risk for the driver. In the event of an accident from a drunk driver, distracted driver, or any other reason, the motorcyclist does not have much protection when compared to a driver in a commercial truck or passenger vehicle. Motorcyclists are at an increased risk of attaining serious injury.

Injuries Commonly Occur in Motorcycle Accidents

There is a higher chance of motorcyclists being involved in an accident because they have less visibility compared to other vehicles. Statistics estimate 80% of motorcycle accidents resulted in severe injury or death to the motorcyclist.

It is common for motorcyclists to have more expenses due to injury and a more extensive recovery, this can create a pool of unaffordable debt after recovery. If the accident was at fault of the other driver, the motorcyclist has the right to obtain compensation for injuries and suffering caused by recklessness or negligence. In the situation an accident resulted in death, then a wrongful death lawsuit is an option.

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Motorcycle and Car Accident: Compensation & Liability

While unfortunate, it is possible that in the event of a car-motorcycle collision the motorcyclist is assumed as the responsible party. However, drivers are not always as cautious and aware as they should be, especially around motorcyclists. It is more common that distraction, reckless driving or negligence is the main cause of car-motorcycle accidents. Our firm is equipped with a legal team that is highly experienced in various types of personal injury laws. Our team understands you are under a lot of stress after an accident, and they are here to represent and help you with all legal steps along the way. It is our goal to stand up for clients when they cannot. We have assisted in getting millions of dollars paid out to clients.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Mission Viejo, CA

The majority of motorcycle accidents result in serious injury or death. For this reason, we handle such collisions rather delicately. We understand that it's not only important to obtain financial compensation for you or your loved one's injuries. Rather, we strive to be the strength that guides you through this difficult time, both in and out of the courtroom. Schedule your free consultation with us today to learn more.