Your Car Wreck: Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

Your Car Wreck: Why Hire a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

Law Offices of Steven Zwick May 23, 2019

Common among personal injury claims are those related to car accidents. Even if you have great auto insurance and a clear driving record, you still will encounter issues after getting hurt in a car accident.

Luckily, almost all personal injury cases — around 95% — are settled before they go to their final trial, and if you select the right personal injury lawyer, the same can happen for you. Here are reasons why you should hire such an attorney for your personal injury case. The sooner you consult with a lawyer following your car accident, the better chances for your case’s outcome.

You Get a Better Idea of The Funds You Need

When you hire a personal injury attorney for your case, you get a better idea of how much money you can realistically get for your case. Your attorney takes into account the severity of your injury, who was found to be at fault for the crash, the likelihood you have of needing future rehabilitation, loss of work, and pain and suffering.

Once you settle on a financial amount or win your personal injury lawsuit, you cannot revisit the case and sue for more money later. So, if you are hurt in a car accident and don’t know how much money you can sue for, you need a lawyer who is experienced in car accident lawsuits to assist you.

You Get Legal Assistance for Court

When you file a lawsuit for your injuries, you’re going to have to go to court. The other party in your case may be represented by a lawyer, which can be detrimental to you if you don’t get legal counsel of your own. You need to be protected when you go to court for your lawsuit, so hire an attorney who specializes in injury law before you go to your first court date.

You Can Settle out Of Court More Successfully

Statistically, your case will settle before it hits a final court date. This is great news for you if you want to get your funds quickly and don’t want to face many pretrial experiences. However, if you don’t have a personal injury settlement managed by a lawyer who has your best interests at heart, you can end up with less money than you deserve. Don’t let this happen to you, and arrange for a consultation with a great lawyer to see what your settlement options are.

When you get injured in a car accident and you don’t know what to do, hiring a skilled attorney is your first step. The right professional will help you file a claim for your injury and get you moving in a positive direction.