What to Do After a Speeding Ticket

What to Do After a Speeding Ticket

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Oct. 20, 2017

Contest the Ticket if It Wasn’t Your Fault

There are some cases where you are wrongfully given a traffic citation. You may not have been speeding, but got pulled over anyway. In this case, you can contest the traffic citation with the court as well as call your insurance agent to see how they can help you. Sometimes speeding tickets can affect your car insurance rate, but if you talk to your agent, they may be able to prevent your rate from increasing.

Avoid Getting More Speeding Tickets

Insurance companies look at many factors when considering what your insurance rates are, and may even stop insuring you completely if you are considered high-risk. If you receive too many speeding citations, this may not only cause your insurance rate to increase, but your company may stop insuring you altogether. It is best to slow down in order to avoid receiving more speeding tickets, and become more conscious of speed limits, especially in the areas that are heavily patrolled.

Take a Driving Course

Some states will require you to take a course in order to keep the speeding violation from remaining on your record. If your state allows you to do this, always take the option. Too many speeding violations on your record will have detrimental effects on your future.

Change Insurance Companies

Regardless of whether you received a speeding ticket, you should shop around for a new insurance policy when yours expires to get a better idea of going rates and what other companies have to offer. Changing insurance companies may help you lower your rate especially if your current policy increases due to your speeding ticket.

Talk to a Lawyer

Attorneys who specialize in car insurance and automobile accidents may be able to help you in extreme cases. Talk to one in order to understand your legal rights and how they can protect you.