Westminster – Truck and School Bus Collide on I-5 North Freeway Near Disneyland Drive

Westminster – Driver Loses Control, Causes Car Accident on 405 North Freeway Near Magnolia Street

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Sept. 6, 2016

Two Cars Crash after Driver Loses Control on I-405 North

WESTMINSTER, CALIFORNIA (August 31, 2016) – One driver lost control of his vehicle on Wednesday, and hit another car. According to a report by California Highway Patrol, the crash occurred at about 10:29 AM. Drivers were hurt during the crash, and paramedics were at the scene to provide medical assistance.

The vehicles involved were a silver Toyota Camry and a silver Nissan Versa. According to the report, one driver lost control of his vehicle, and spun out of control. He then hit another vehicle, which spun and hit the center divider. The Toyota was facing the wrong way when authorities responded to the situation, and was blocking the carpool lane.

The drivers involved in the crash complained of pain. Due to report of injuries, an ambulance was requested at the scene. One of the parties involved was transferred to the nearby Fountain Valley Hospital, after reporting that he suffered from neck and back pain.

All vehicles were moved to the right hand shoulder at about 11:06. No Sig-Alert was required, and tow trucks from Golden Touch Tow responded to remove the vehicles from the roadway.

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