Three Things to Consider After a Car Accident

Three Things to Consider After a Car Accident

Law Offices of Steven Zwick June 11, 2019

Chances are, at some point, you will be involved in an accident –whether you’re the driver or the passenger in a vehicle. Many accidents are minor, but in the United States, auto accidents do result in injuries for over 3 million people each year.

If you’re involved in an accident for which you are not at fault, it’s the job of the other driver’s insurance company to try and limit their financial liability as much as possible. When this happens, many people wonder, “Do I need a lawyer?” The answer in many cases is “yes.” Because of the way the injury claim process works, seeking a personal injury lawyer may be the best course of action.

A Minor Injury Can Turn Into a Lifelong Problem

Sometimes after an accident, the people involved will only feel minor effects of the incident — like a slightly stiff neck or small bruises. However, it’s important to seek the opinion of a medical professional right away. During an accident, the body’s production of adrenaline can mask serious and underlying injuries that don’t start to show up until later on. A minor back injury can really be the onset of a serious issue that can greatly affect your quality of life. So if you’re hurt in an accident — even if it seems minor at the time — get checked out right away.

Consider the Real Cost of Medical Care

In an injury case, it may be in the other insurance company’s best interest to offer a cash settlement. The lump sum of money can be tempting to accept, especially if your vehicle has been repaired and you just want to move on with your life. But keep in mind that the cost of medical expenses alone usually surpass whatever the insurance company is offering you. Even with medical coverage, there’s a chance you’d effectively end up paying money out of your own pocket.

Your Time Is Valuable

If you’re reading this and still wondering “Do I need a lawyer?” then it might give you some peace of mind to find personal injury lawyers who understand your state’s law thoroughly. A cursory glance of the Internet isn’t a replacement for years of experience in injury claims.

In addition to experience and expertise, it is also worth considering how much time and stress a lawyer can save you. By dealing with the insurance companies for you, and assisting you through the entire claims process, you can focus on what’s important: recovering and living your life.