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Preparing for A Consultation with A Personal Injury Attorney

By Law Offices of Steven Zwick
May 16, 2023
Preparing for A Consultation with A Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to the number of injury claims each fiscal year, ones dealing with tripping, slipping, or falling take up about 25%, according to EHS Safety News America. Are you one of those people? Do you need to talk with a personal injury attorney? How do you prepare for a consultation with one? We’re here to help!

Bring Relevant Documents with You

While the initial consultation is usually free, you want to make sure that you have everything with you that can help the personal injury attorney determine if there is a case for a claim or not. These items can include photos of your injury and the scene of the accident, medical records, video, bills, and insurance information. Try to be as thorough as possible so that it can give you the strongest possible claim.

Bring a List of Questions with You

Just like going to a doctor, it’s a good idea to write down the questions you might have about your potential claim. That way, you can check things off to make sure that you haven’t left anything out. You run the risk of possibly forgetting things if you try to just remember what you’re going to say. If you do this, then you will also possibly be able to add more as you go along.

Know What You Want

You need to know what kind of outcome you want from this consultation. Are you just looking for some advice on what to do? Do you want them to agree to take on your case? Is this a second opinion? Have this firmly fixed in your mind before you go in – that way you won’t wind up wasting your time.

Be Honest

When you bring a personal injury attorney aboard, you are building a claim that is based on the trust between you. That means you need to tell them the truth about what happened. They are also putting their reputation on the line when it comes to working with you. So give them as many details as possible so that they can assess everything about what happened and come up with the best plan to get you the compensation you deserve.

These are just a few of the ways you can prepare for your consultation. Are you looking for a personal injury attorney to take on your case? Contact the Law Offices of Steven Zwick to see how we can help!


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