Personal Injury Law and Slip and Fall Accidents

Personal Injury Law and Slip and Fall Accidents

Law Offices of Steven Zwick July 9, 2019

Slip and Falls and Personal Injury Law

You step on a wet floor, or another slippery substance, at your favorite coffee shop and fall down. You’re embarrassed. More importantly, you are injured and it causes you to miss work. Are you a candidate for a slip and fall civil lawsuit?

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and falls and trip and falls are the leading cause of emergency room visits. Another statistic about slip and fall accidents are that more than one-fifth of these types of injuries result in more than a month of missed work.

You have legal recourse if your slip and fall was the result of the establishment’s negligence. We’ll go through the steps you should take if you experience a slip and fall at a place of business. This is where personal injury law comes in.

  • Report the incident. Find a manager or someone in charge and tell them what happened as soon as possible.

  • Speak to witnesses to the event (if there are any). Ask for information from any witnesses to your fall. An outside observer may have critical information that you may not have.

  • Take pictures of the scene. Or ask if any of the witnesses have any photos or videos of the event. This visual information can be most helpful when seeking a legal remedy. Of course, if your injury is severe, you need to…

  • Seek medical attention immediately. No matter the severity of your injury (often we may not know the extent of our injury), seek medical attention as soon as possible.

  • Find a personal injury lawyer. Last but not least, find a good personal injury attorney in your area.

We’ll now look at the steps to take in finding the right personal injury attorney.

  • Find and hire a local personal injury lawyer. You’ll need a lawyer who is familiar with the laws and regulations of the state, county, and municipality where your injury occurred.

  • Hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Attorneys with years of experience will help you pursue your case more swiftly. Slip and fall events require knowledge of the law that another attorney may not have.

  • Hire a slip and fall personal injury attorney. There are all kinds of personal injury attorneys. There are motorcycle accident attorneys, car accident attorneys, and the like. Find an attorney that specializes in slip and fall and trip and fall accidents. Due to the amount of cases, there are attorneys who work on slip and fall cases exclusively.

  • Find a lawyer who bills on contingency. This means that you do not have to pay legal bills if you have no case or if you lose your case. You do not want to be stuck with legal bills when you have gained no recompense. Lawyers who bill on a contingency basis, get paid when you do.

Hopefully, you will not experience a slip and fall injury. But if you do, you know personal injury law can help you. You know the steps to take in order to find a personal injury attorney.