Injured in A Car Wreck: Now What?

Injured in A Car Wreck: Now What?

Law Offices of Steven Zwick July 6, 2019

You recently got into a car accident, and you’re not sure if you need to hire an injury lawyer or not. In many cases, you don’t, but if you are seriously hurt, then you need a personal injury attorney on your side. You never know what your medical and lost work costs will be, and your personal injury case can be extensive.

Do you need to get legal advice? If you have to wonder, then the main answer is likely in the affirmative. You can always interview with a lawyer before you make your final decision on whether you need to have this type of attorney hired or not. Do you need an injury lawyer for your car wreck? Use this guide to assist you.

You Have to Have Any Type of Therapy

Do you have to have any type of therapy? Physical, mental, rehabilitative, and other types of therapy are often required after a bad car accident, particularly one where the person has to have surgery to repair broken bones and deep lacerations.

When you have to get therapy for longer periods of time, you end up with an undetermined amount of money that will be spent on this resource. You need an injury attorney to help you form and settle a case where you get the funds you need, not just for your current medical care, but for your medical needs in the future as well.

You Have Harassing Insurance Companies on Your Case

Are insurance companies calling and harassing you to settle your case? Are you stuck with endless phone calls and letters threatening to take you to court or offering very low amounts of money to make your injury lawsuit disappear?

When you have a case where the other party wants to fight or they get legal assistance and you don’t have any, then you risk putting yourself in a situation where you can’t file a personal injury claim because you have legal action being taken around you already. Don’t fight your case by ignoring it, get an injury lawyer to assist you.

There are around six million car wrecks occurring in the United States every year, so you are not alone in your vehicle accident case. When you can’t decide what to do with your recent accident, you can always count on a personal injury lawyer to assist you.