Do I Need an Attorney? if You Have to Ask, the Answer May Be Yes

Do I Need an Attorney? If You Have to Ask, the Answer May Be Yes

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Nov. 13, 2019

After you have been hurt in a car accident, you may wonder: do I need an attorney? The answer is very likely a resounding “yes.” Whether you have sustained significant injuries or minor injuries, an attorney can ensure your rights are protected and that you have an increased chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

A lot of people make the mistake of asking their insurance company. “do I need an attorney?” without realizing that their adjuster isn’t really on their side. Since your insurer likely won’t want to pay out for your accident, the adjuster will often downplay the need for an attorney. That’s why it’s important to rely on your own knowledge, rather than on the guidance of someone who can’t be objective.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been hurt in an accident, you need an attorney to get the legal advice that you can rely on. This will ensure that you do not give up any of your rights. A Mission Viejo attorney that focuses on personal injury cases can provide you with the advice that you need to ensure that your rights are protected. But that is not the only reason you need a trusted attorney on your side.

Insurance companies are well-prepared to fight your claim. They have their own team of attorneys on retainer, ready to find reasons to deny your claim. If you are wondering, “do I need a lawyer?,” your answer is another question: do you want to fight a team of lawyers on your own?

When you find a personal injury lawyer who is ready to do battle for you, it takes some of the stress out of the situation. You can focus on healing and getting back on your feet while your personal injury lawyer takes the helm of the legal battle.

Again, the insurance adjuster is not on your side; they work for the insurance company. You need to have someone on your side that is experienced and can make sure that everyone is doing what they are required to do by law.

Every year, there are about 3 million car accidents in the United States. You can ask anyone you know that has experienced a personal injury how beneficial having an attorney on your side can be. You do need an attorney to protect your rights. Call today to ensure you get the protection you deserve.