Could You Benefit from Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Could You Benefit from Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney?

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Nov. 21, 2022

If you’ve been involved in any accident resulting in a personal injury, it’s important that you have a personal injury attorney to represent you for multiple reasons. Here are three major benefits you can gain from hiring a personal injury attorney.

They Provide Professional Negotiations on Your Behalf

Insurance companies have teams of attorneys working for them. Those attorneys are experts in negotiations. It can be difficult to go up against an insurance company with experienced negotiators. Hiring an injury attorney to represent you will even the playing field. Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf.

They Understand Your Legal Rights to Compensation

Many people don’t know how to calculate compensation for pain and suffering or lost wages. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, about 22% of slip and fall accidents result in 31 days of missed work. If you were in a similar situation, how much money would you be losing? An attorney can calculate the appropriate amount of compensation using the right formula to ensure your needs are met.

They Can Move Your Case Forward Faster

Insurance companies often drag out claims to see if the claimant will make a misstep that influences the outcome of the claim. An experienced attorney knows all the tricks that insurance companies can use. They’ll keep pushing your claim through any obstacles the insurance company puts in place. You’ll likely be able to settle your claim faster with the help of an attorney.

The Justice Department reports that 95% of personal injury cases are settled without ever stepping into a courtroom. However, there are 5% that do go to trial. You must have an injury attorney on your side who can represent you at trial if needed. Don’t risk your case by not having legal representation.

A personal injury claim isn’t something you should navigate alone. There is help available. The sooner you get the legal support you need, the better. Call Zwick Law today to schedule a consultation with an injury attorney. Let us advocate for you throughout the legal process and help you claim the settlement you deserve.