Car Accident Claims: How To Determine when You Need an Attorney

Car Accident Claims: How To Determine when You Need an Attorney

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Sept. 15, 2020

Motor vehicle accidents on U.S. roads cause over 3 million injuries every year. If you are involved in a car accident, you would probably have a lot of thoughts and questions running through your head at that moment. One of which may be whether or not you need legal representation.

Not all situations require specialized skills and knowledge of the legal system. However, some of them do. Here are five questions that can help you decide when you need an attorney.

Did You Suffer Serious Injuries After the Accident?

Not all injuries will need the services of a car accident attorney. If the accident is minor and you can manage to juggle the claims process, you can opt to settle the case alone. However, it is essential to hire a personal injury lawyer for any serious injuries caused. You may need to hire an attorney if the motor vehicle crash results in hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, physical therapy, emotional or physical pain. A personal injury law firm can help you get compensation for your past and future medical expenses.

Do You Believe Another Party Is Responsible for Your Injuries?

A report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows 21% of accidents causing injuries, while 16% of fatal crashes involve distracted driving. If you believe that the negligence and inattention of another person resulted in the accident, it may be time to bring in your attorney. Proving negligence may require a certain standard of evidence. Your injury lawyer will gather all the necessary evidence to strengthen your claim.

Is the Insurance Company Contacting You?

It is vital to remember that insurance firms also have their battery of lawyers and adjusters ready to start investigating your claim right away. The adjusters and claim representative may want to speak to you regarding the accident, record statements, and access your medical files. They may want to make statements that may reduce your claim value, or worse, disqualify your claim. If an insurance company representative contacts you, it would be wise to direct them to your personal injury lawyers.

Is the Insurance Firm Refusing to Pay (or Offering Extremely Low Compensation)?

Another situation when you need an attorney is when the insurer is disputing your claim. Insurance companies may sometimes resort to dirty tricks to avoid paying out the claims. This may involve unreasonable delays or blatant refusal to pay. Some may quote an unreasonably low compensation, trying to low-ball you to a settlement. A personal injury lawyer can help you determine the value of your claim and seek compensation for what you rightly deserve.

Are You Comfortable with The Settlement Process?

Navigating through the claim filing process alone can be overwhelming. You may need a deeper understanding of the various statutory and case laws regarding your claim. Some personal injury cases are complex and may end up in the courts. Complex car crashes may require accident reconstruction and expert witnesses to support your claim. Personal injury lawyers can help collect all the necessary evidence as well as represent you in court.

It is important to know the exact situations when you need an attorney after a car accident. A personal injury attorney can help gather evidence, negotiate your settlement, or represent you in court if the insurer declines to pay. If you are still in doubt whether your claim necessitates a legal representation, contact The Law Offices of Steven Zwick.