5 Factors that Can Influence a Car Accident Settlement in California

5 Factors that Can Influence a Car Accident Settlement in California

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Dec. 9, 2020

When you are involved in an auto accident, it can be difficult to decide what to do next. But you should understand the laws and regulations on personal injury. Every year, there are over six million accidents in the U.S., and most end in a settlement.

There are many aspects of a car accident claim that can influence the settlement. This article looks at some of the most important factors, particularly in the state of California.

1. The Severity of The Injury

When working on a car accident claim settlement, the parties have to consider the type and severity of the injury. The type of injury is an important factor since it will determine the cost of treatment. A broken wrist would not incur the same expenses to treat as a spinal injury.

Injuries can also range from minor wounds to life-threatening complications. Some of the medical issues in a claim may include:

  • Concussions

  • Spinal injury

  • Brain injuries

  • Internal bleeding

  • Broken bones

2. The Quality of Medical Evidence

After a car accident, you need quality medical care to ensure you recover as fast as possible. Injuries may cause disabilities, and that can impact your day-to-day life.

You can work with an injury attorney to put together evidence that can help with your settlements. Some of the records you’ll need include:

  • Documentation from your doctor

  • Medical imaging and other records showing the type and severity of the injuries

  • The relationship between the injury and the accident

  • The implication of the injuries

3. Type of Medical Treatment

The same injury may require different types of treatment for different people. For example, some people may need more invasive procedures for broken bones. Age and genetic factors are some of the reasons for the variation in medical care. Others may have preexisting conditions that would make treatment more complex. All these are factors that could influence the cost of treatment and hence the settlement.

4. Duration of The Treatment

In a car accident claim, you may also have to include the duration of the treatment. The longer it takes to heal, the greater the impact the injury will have on your finances and your wellbeing.

The type and the duration of medical care you receive can also cause depression and mental anguish. However, you will have to demonstrate those claims with proof before both parties can settle.

5. Proof that The Driver Was Negligent

The car accident attorneys from the insurance company will want to evaluate your claim. In California, the compensation you get will depend on whether you were also at fault.

So you should put together all the evidence with an injury attorney. Otherwise, the other parties in the case may get a chance to devalue your claim.

You will need police reports and statements from eyewitnesses as well as the insurer adjuster. Video surveillance on the site and photos of the accident can be useful, proving the driver was negligent.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Today

Many factors can affect settlements for car accidents in California. Every case is different, and there are many elements to consider. That’s why you must work with a personal injury attorney to assist you in compiling evidence. Remember to keep records of the event, including photographs and medical files. For more on accident claims and other legal matters, kindly visit the Law Offices of Steven Zwick.