3 Tips on How to Choose a Good Attorney

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Jan. 14, 2020

Nobody ever wants to be in a position where they need to hire a personal injury lawyer, but unfortunately, it’s often a necessary part of dealing with the aftermath of an injury or accident. Finding the right lawyer or attorney for your personal injury case is essential for having a preferable outcome. If you’re looking for a Southern California personal injury lawyer, where should you start? Be sure to ask these questions before you hire a personal injury attorney to take on your case.

How Long Have They Been Practicing Law?

While it’s possible that a lawyer who only recently passed the bar exam could help you get the justice you deserve, it’s more likely that a lawyer who’s been practicing for a long time has a better grasp of the legal system. Be sure to vet your preferred lawyer or attorney’s experience; this way you’ll have confidence that they thoroughly understand what they’re doing. Also, check to see how long they’ve been practicing law in your area. The requirements for a Southern California personal injury lawyer may be different than requirements for a lawyer in another state.

What Type of Personal Injury Cases Do They Deal With?

Not all personal injury cases are created equal, and each lawyer will have their personal preferences and specialties. For example, medical malpractice lawyers often focus specifically on medical malpractice, as opposed to other personal injury cases. After all, approximately 20,000 medical malpractice claims are filed each year, meaning it’s sometimes more practical for an attorney to focus exclusively on those cases. Talk to your preferred attorney first to ensure they handle cases like yours.

Are They Well-Recommended?

Finally, when you’re trying to find a personal injury lawyer, check with others to see how their experience was when working with them. Many lawyers will have testimonials and reviews available online, but asking people you know is always a great option for learning about your preferred attorney. The more information you have before you hire your lawyer, the better. Talking with others can ensure you hire a personal injury lawyer who will take the time to learn about you and your case so you can have the treatment you deserve.

Finding the right attorney for you can be a process that takes time, but it’s well worth it to help you get justice in your case. For more information or to hire a Southern California personal injury lawyer for your case, contact the Law Offices of Steve Zwick today.