3 Signs You Might Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Injury

Law Offices of Steven Zwick Dec. 6, 2022

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important that you don’t settle your personal injury claim before speaking to a lawyer. It’s possible that you have the right to compensation for a personal injury claim that you’re unaware of and that your insurance company will not share the information. Below are three indicators that you may be entitled to compensation for your injury claim.

1. You’ve Lost Wages

If an injury has left you unable to work because the doctor has ordered you to take time off, you may be entitled to compensation for those lost wages. If you sustained an injury through no fault of your own and it’s affected your ability to work, you should speak to an attorney who can help. It’s not fair that you and your family should struggle financially because of a personal injury. Compensation can cover lost wages and in some cases, future lost wages if the injury has impacted your ability to do your normal job duties and affects future employment in your field. An attorney can help you determine if you qualify for any compensation and if so, how much you’ll receive.

2. You Have Medical Bills

If you have medical bills related to your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for any out-of-pocket expenses. The insurance company typically pays for medical care for a personal injury. However, you may have paid out of pocket if you didn’t file a claim in time. In this case, may have a problem getting your money back from the insurance company. You also may have incurred costs for assistive devices and other medical aids. An attorney can help you to recoup these out-of-pocket expenses.

3. You Have Unusual Expenses

If you have other expenses out of pocket that you wouldn’t be paying under normal circumstances, with the help of an attorney, you may be able to recoup those costs. For example, did you have to pay for childcare when you normally don’t to keep medical appointments? Did you have to pay for transportation to and from the doctor’s office because of the injury? If you’ve had to pay out-of-pocket expenses like these, speak to an attorney to learn more about your rights to compensation.

According to The Law Dictionary, 95 to 96% of personal injury cases are settled prior to the trial, but this doesn’t mean that you should rush into making any big legal decisions. It’s important that you work with a qualified attorney who can vouch for your rights. Otherwise, you could be selling yourself short and losing out on the money you need to recover. Contact Zwick Law today for assistance in navigating your case.