3 Important Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

By Law Offices of Steven Zwick
April 4, 2019
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Your elderly mother was severely injured in a car accident. Your doctor failed to properly diagnose your heart problem. Your son was struck by a car while walking to school. A slip or fall caused you to miss over 31 days of work (which occurs 22% of the time).These are just a few examples of personal injuries that occur every day. The United States Department of Justice found the most common types of personal injury lawsuits are: auto accidents (52%), medical malpractice cases (15%), and product liability cases (5%). Individuals who have sustained injuries as a result of these and other situations, seeking legal advice is the wisest course of action. In order to find the best personal injury attorney to protect your interests, we recommend asking the following three questions when you consult with attorneys that you’re considering for hire.

1. How Much Experience Do They Have with Personal Injury Law?

In general, personal injury lawyers will charge the same fee regardless of the length of time they’ve been in practice. Without asking this question, you could end up paying an inexperienced attorney the same amount of money you could have used to pay for legal advice from a seasoned personal injury layer. You should also find out if the attorney in question is a member of any legal organizations for attorneys specializing in personal injury law.

2. Do They Settle Cases or Try Them in Court?

The one way to get the largest possible settlement is to demonstrate that you are fully prepared to go to court over the matter. Hiring an attorney who repeatedly settles cases out of court could result in a substantially lower settlement for you. For this reason, be sure to ask potential lawyers about this, as well as the results of cases they’ve tried. For instance, Zwick Law displays this information on their website.

3. How Will Expenses Be Paid?

There are different ways that payment can be handled. One option is for the client to pay a significant portion of any litigation expenses at the beginning of the process. A second option is to have the attorney pay any expenses while the case is in progress. The client then reimburses the attorney out of any settlement that was recovered when the case ends, once the attorney has deducted the contingency fee. If you or a loved one is seeking expert legal advice and representation for a personal injury lawsuit, it’s critical to know the right questions to ask an attorney before deciding who to hire. Make sure they have in-depth experience handling personal injury cases, ask about their track record with trying cases in court, and discuss how litigation expenses are handled. By gathering this information, you’ll be well-prepared to choose the best attorney to assist you.


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