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Welcome to Steven Zwick Law Offices

Mission Viejo Lawyer

When you need legal representation for your claim in Mission Viejo, a lawyer with Steven Zwick of Steven Zwick Law Offices has the experience you're looking for. He has been in practice since 1974 and is a Member of United States Supreme Court. Our mission is to provide our clients with quality legal representation, professional diligence, decades of legal experience, and personal attention.

We provide expert services in a variety of situations. We have extensive knowledge in personal injury law, including auto and motorcycle accident cases. We specialize in accidents resulting in brain injury or wrongful death. We represent clients in civil law cases as well as malpractice lawsuits. When you need the very best, we provide the superior legal support you need to get the most in damages compensation. If we cannot resolve your case outside of the courtroom, we are ready to fight for your rights with strong, well-developed cases.

Serving the community for Over 30 years with the experience of being involved in more than 100 jury trials, our team has what you are looking for when it comes to expert legal representation. We offer free consultations for a variety of cases. For a Mission Viejo lawyer, Steven Zwick Law Offices is your local solution for all your legal needs. Call today to set up an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your case with us.

Your Guide to Injury Law in Mission Viejo discusses the intricacies of personal injury law, and the importance of choosing an experienced attorney.

About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with quality legal representation, professional diligence, decades of legal experience, and personal attention.

About Steven Zwick Law Offices

Steven Zwick

Steven Zwick is a member of Orange County Bar Association, and Consumer Attorneys of California. He is admitted and qualified to represent clients in all the Federal District Courts, all the Superior Courts of State of California, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, and the United States Supreme Court.

James Alquist is a member of Orange County Bar Association, and Consumer Attorneys of California. He is also admitted to practice in Central District of the United States District Court.

We have experience helping California injury victims who have struggled with the effects of their injuries. We know that a lawsuit isn't always the answer. But, we also know that hiring a great personal injury attorney can be the difference between rebuilding your life after an injury or declaring bankruptcy. When you're forced to fight against an insurance company, you can be sure that you're outmatched. We have experience dealing with the insurance companies and will be your advocate in the fight against their high-paid attorneys.

We know we can't undo a tragedy to happens with personal injuries. But, when someone is injured by someone else's negligence, they have a right to monetary settlement for medical expenses, ongoing care, the cost of rehab, diminished earning capacity, lost income, and any other cost and losses.

Working with our California injury attorneys, you can expect the highest level of service.

      You'll have questions – we'll answer them.
      There'll be a lot of information that needs to be collected – we'll gather the information and build the case.
      The insurance companies will do whatever they can to avoid responsibility – we'll make sure they treat you fairly.
      Your life will be disrupted – we'll help you rebuild your life and move forward.


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  • Tim Sheldon

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  • James Alquist

Practice Areas

If you're looking for excellent service and a people-friendly approach, then you've come to the right place. At Steven Zwick Law Offices, our ultimate goal is to serve you and make your experience a pleasant one, and our team will stop at nothing to ensure that you come away more than satisfied.

We believe that one of the best ways to keep families and communities safe in the long run is to make sure that wrongdoers are held accountable today. We have been helping the people of California and surrounding states who have suffered needless injuries and death caused by car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs, dog bites, wrongful death, and other types of personal injury. We understand that a lawsuit isn't always the answer. But we also understand that having someone on your side can mean the difference between having to declare bankruptcy and being able to rebuild your life and move forward, especially when you're up against an insurance company, a hospital, or some other big business.

Auto Accidents

An auto accident lawyer from our firm can help you find peace of mind after your accident so that you can move forward with your life.
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Civil Practice

If you believe that a person or entity has infringed upon your civil rights, it is important that you discuss your grievances with an attorney who has experience with these types of cases.
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Medical Malpractice

If you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, you may wish to take action by consulting with a personal injury lawyer.
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MotorCycle Accidents

We help you sort through your legal options and help you file a personal injury claim against the party at fault or your insurance company. If necessary, we represent your case in court and fight for you.
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Personal Injury

A motorcycle accident attorney from Steven Zwick Law Offices can start building a case and filing a claim soon after discussing your case.
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"3rd Party Claims"

Although you have been injured on the job, workers compensation may not be your only source of compensation. We can determine if you have a "3rd party claim".
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Wrongful Death

The caring lawyers at Steven Zwick Law Offices will do everything we can to shoulder all legal responsibilities so that you can focus on recovering from your grief and spending time with your family.
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Brain Injury

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury because of negligence or recklessness, one of our talented lawyers can discuss your case and determine the best legal action against the other party.
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