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Southern California Brain Injuries Attorneys

Whenever the brain has been damaged by a sudden impact or even physical force to the head, such as when striking the windshield or pavement during a car accident, the overall consequences can be dangerous. A TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury may result in permanent mental, emotional, or physical disability, which include seizures, loss of coordination or mobility, cognition difficulties, and personality changes. Symptoms may be immediate or they could take days or weeks to even develop. The damage may be massive even without any type of penetration of the skull, which I called a closed head injury.

According to the National Institute of Health, transportation accidents which normally involve bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles, do account for one half of every traumatic brain injury. It is true that whiplash, or the sudden jerking of the neck that is seen in motor vehicle accidents, can actually cause a traumatic brain injury. It is a very serious injury and it is one that is very common and what is worse, is that it can be prevented.


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The long-term impact of a traumatic brain injury can be quite unpredictable. Someone who may have seemed fine for a week, month, or year after an accident may begin to decline. Their motor functions, memory, personality, and cognitive skills may suddenly change. A brain injury is quite hard and complicated to predict. This is why it is very important that seek out the right type of medical attention after a Mission Viejo car accident so that you are able to be diagnosed properly and then treated.

Victims that have had a serious traumatic brain injury or other types of head trauma will often never be the same again. The emotional suffering and pain that the families go through is very unimaginable. In most cases, the person that they knew before the accident will never be the same. We will work with the right type of medical experts that will help to determine the extent of the injury and then calculate the costs for medical care and expenses, but also the future costs for rehabilitation, surgeries, at home care, and even on-going medical treatment. The cost of a serious traumatic brain injury for the victim’s lifetime can easily turn into millions of dollars. We are here to help you as well as your family to get fair and full compensation after a traumatic event.


When you or a loved one is facing something as serious as an injury to the brain, you must secure the best possible legal representation. At Zwick Law, we have over 40 years of experience handling the most severe injury cases. Schedule your free case evaluation today and discover how our Mission Viejo brain injury attorneys can guide you through the healing process.

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